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Online Casino Bonuses

    There are many advantages to playing at an online casino, but the biggest advantage is the outstanding bonuses that one can receive.

    Right from the beginning, some online casinos offer you “Free Money Bonus”. This bonus is given to you without you having to deposit a cent into your online account with them. Normally what happens is this money is awarded to you and you get a specific amount of time to use it to play. This is not really free money, as it will never become yours, and as soon as the time limit for this money has expired, your account will be reset to zero, irrespective of how much is left or what winnings you have.

    However, as some online bingo halls, online casino or poker rooms you will find that they do actually give you free money and they will state it quiet clearly that this money will be deposited into your account for you to use and keep. This money has no time period attached and all winnings go directly into your account for you to keep.

    The most popular bonus is the “Welcoming Matching Deposit Bonus”. This bonus is awarded to you when you make your first real money deposit. The online casino will either offer you 100% /200% or 300% matching deposit, but have a careful look as most of the casinos have a ceiling for this deposit.

    After this bonus, some online casinos will offer a re-load bonus. This bonus will come into effect when you make your second, third, fourth etc deposit. Here again the bonus can range from 20% up to 100% depending on the online casino.

    VIP Clubs are also great places to get some extra money through bonuses. Once you have joined the VIP Club, or have been invited to join, then there are always extra bonuses that can be taken advantage of here.

    Bonuses are always very enticing, and your time at any online casino can be extended considerably by accepting these bonuses, but remember, each online casino comes with their own terms and conditions and play through rates which have to be strictly adhered to.