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Sticky Bonuses

    Most online casinos will offer you bonuses, incentives and promotions to entice you to play at their online casino, which is great for the person who enjoys their games, and likes to have the extra money to play with.

    Most Bonuses are given with a play through rate attached to them. This means that if deposit $200 and you get 100% Matching Deposit Bonus, the online casino will give you $200 extra which will result in your bankroll being $400. There is no distinction made between your $200 and the bonus. All you have to do now and play the required amount of games, and that $200, awarded by the online casino, will become yours together with all your winnings and you will be able to withdraw the full amount in cash.

    A Sticky Bonus is slightly different. It works on the same principle that you deposit a sum of money and the online casino will match that money, except here, the money awarded by the casino, never becomes yours. If you deposit $200, the casino will give you $200 and your bankroll will be $400. As with normal bonuses, you will be specific play through requirements, and once you have completed this, you will then be able to calculate your bankroll, and this is how it works. Your bankroll is $400, your winnings are $100, so your bankroll now stands at $500. The casino will take back their $200, so you are left with $300. That is your money to do with as you please.

    But should you not be so lucky this time, and say you have had more losses than wins, and your bankroll is now sitting at $225, then the casino will still take their sticky bonus of $200, and you will be left with a bankroll of $25.

    When playing with a sticky bonus, always be aware that the online casino has not given you the money, they have only loaned it to you and it will be taken back after a certain amount of time, or when you withdraw your money.